Figure 8 Madness

Redbud 400


Sprint Cars Return to Action

The sounds of non-wing sprint cars returns to Anderson Speedway for a 125-lap event on Thursday Night Sprint Car Action presented by Sugar Fork Crossing this Thursday, July 20.


Swanson Dominates in Third Little 500 Victory

For the third time in four years California driver Kody Swanson pulled into victory lane in the 71st running of the Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW at Anderson Speedway.

71st Annual Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW Official Results

Click to view the Official Results for the Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW

71st Annual Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW

It is race day for the 71st Annual Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW. #Little500 Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the ticket office...

Official Little 500 Presented by UAW Starting Lineup

Click to view the official starting lineup for the 71st Annual Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW

Final Qualifying Results for the Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW

71th Pay Less Little 500 Line-upPosCar NoDriverLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Total Time14Kody Swanson11.29611.27111.23611.20245.00525Kyle Hamilton11.41611.30311.33511.33045.384356Tyler Roahrig11.47611.45111.35711.35545.639451Chris Windom11.43611.40811.35411.45845.65658Chris Neuenschwander11.44611.34011.43811.50945.733607Jacob Wilson11.46811.51411.38711.37745.746767Kyle O'Gara11.59411.50711.39711.32445.822827Brian Gerster11.52611.46511.39011.44745.82897CCaleb Armstrong11.50311.48811.39411.51745.9021095BShane Butler11.53811.46411.42111.48245.9051144Brian Tyler11.56411.46311.50311.47446.0041288Jimmy McCune11.56811.50311.49111.48946.0511377Eric Gordon11.69011.47711.47511.42346.0651459Scotty Hampton11.72211.44711.43611.49046.0951504Donnie Adams11.51411.57311.55911.46946.1151622Bobby Santos11.56311.57611.45211.49446.0851774Tony Main11.55411.67811.57711.49546.3041814Shane Hollingsworth11.63011.60611.56211.50846.3061968Mickey Kempgens11.75011.61211.57011.51946.4512071Brian Vaughn11.62611.64711.59411.60346.4702159XJohn...

Swanson Tops Little 500 Qualifying

Defending Pay Less Little 500 champion Kody Swanson will lead the field to the green flag from the pole position. Swanson was one of the first cars to make a qualifying attempt on Tin Plate Pole Day and set the mark to beat with four laps in 45.005-seconds (79.99 miles per hour).

Tin Plate Fine Food and Spirits Pole Day Results

PosCar NoDriverLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Total Time Average14Kody Swanson11.29611.27111.23611.20245.00511.25125Kyle Hamilton11.41611.30311.33511.33045.38411.346356Tyler Roahrig11.47611.45111.35711.35545.63911.41045GChris Windom11.43611.40811.35411.45845.65611.41458Chris Neuenschwander11.44611.34011.43811.50945.73311.433607Jacob Wilson11.46811.51411.38711.37745.74611.437767Kyle O'Gara11.59411.50711.39711.32445.82211.456827Brian Gerster11.52611.46511.39011.44745.82811.45797CCaleb Armstrong11.50311.48811.39411.51745.90211.4761095BShane Butler11.53811.46411.42111.48245.90511.4761144Brian Tyler11.56411.46311.50311.47446.00411.5011288Jimmy McCune11.56811.50311.49111.48946.05111.5131377Eric Gordon11.69011.47711.47511.42346.06511.5161459Scotty Hampton11.72211.44711.43611.49046.09511.524154ADonnie Adams11.51411.57311.55911.46946.11511.5291674Tony Main11.55411.67811.57711.49546.30411.5761714Shane Hollingsworth11.6311.60611.56211.50846.30611.5771868Mickey Kempgens11.75011.61211.57011.51946.45111.6131971Brian Vaughn11.62611.64711.59411.60346.47011.6182059XJohn Inman11.68511.58911.48711.71546.47611.6192126Aaron Pierce11.67311.60511.57111.65146.50011.6252232Nick Hamilton11.73011.59711.56611.61746.51011.6282395Shane  Cottle11.63311.66911.55611.65446.51211.6282478Ken Schrader11.79211.58311.63811.59346.60611.6302564Justin Grant11.76511.67811.61211.56846.62311.6522618Travis...

Practice is underway for the 71st Annual Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW

Practice will take place from 1:30-6:30 on Wednesday, May 22. It is free to watch in the main grandstand.

Mel Kenyon Midget Champion looking for first Little 500 Start

The Mel Kenyon Midget series has been the breeding ground for open wheel drivers at Anderson Speedway. The series has produced past winners of the Little 500 including Jacob Wilson, Chris Windom, and Kyle Hamilton....

Sapp, Tinkle, Abbott and Phipps Winners During Byrider Spring Championships

For most of the Thunder Car feature Dustin Sapp turned down a number of challengers to score his first feature win of the season. Sapp set fast time for the Byrider Spring Championships at Anderson Speedway on Saturday and led from start to finish but the outcome hung in the balance until the end.

Byrider Spring Championships this Saturday

Four local divisions will be in action this Saturday at Anderson Speedway for the Byrider Spring Championships. The championship races offer double points to be earned by the competitors and with Mother Nature failing to cooperate two of the local divisions have not been in action this year. The repeated cancellations because of the rainy weather resulted in speedway officials scheduling 135 laps of racing on the Saturday before the 71st running of the Pay Less Little 500 presented by the UAW.


Anderson,IN… Four the fourth time in 7 races this season, Anderson Speedway officials have decided to postpone the Byrider Spring Championships scheduled for Saturday, May 11. Forcasted afternoon and evening showers, some which may be...

Byrider Spring Championships this Saturday

With double points on the line the Byrider Spring Championships is always important at Anderson Speedway, but this year it is more crucial. With Mother Nature causing three rain postponements only half of the divisions have been in competition this year.

Little 500 to be Broadcasted Live on Local Radio

Anderson Speedway has entered into a partnership with Woof Boom radio to broadcast live the 71st Annual Pay Less Little 500 presented by UAW. Wolf Boom will broadcast the May 25th race...

McCune Continues Winning Ways; Gladish Captures Dick Jordan Classic

For the second year in a row the Ohio based McCune team claimed the top two honors during the Must See Racing Winged Sprints visit to Anderson Speedway.

May 4 Racing still on as Scheduled

2:30pm Update: The rain has stopped, and the track drying process has begun. We are on schedule for practice to begin at 5:00pm and Racing at 8:00pm. 10:00am Update...