Songwriters Win National Award

Anderson,IN–Steve Wallace won a 2023 Songwriter Achievement Of The Year for his song “Just Like Islands” which he co-wrote with Hanna Abby Wilson during Josie Music Awards  Gala which took place at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN on Oct.21. the night before the JMA awards.

Other songs he co-wrote with Hanna and Abby Wilson and were nominated for this category were “You’re Someone Special To Me”, ‘Settin Myself on Fire”, and Anderson Speedway.

The song ‘Anderson Speedway’  can also be heard on  worldwide.

Wallace also won this category at last years JMA awards for his song “Heidi” which you can hear on jma radio. Wallace has been writing songs and poetry for over 40 years while battling CNS Degenerative disease of  the Basal ganglia of the brain which affects his muscles and speech.

“I enjoy writing songs and enjoy writing with Hanna and Abby Wilson,Wallace said, They are great writers and enjoy writing.

On Oct. 22, the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville hosted a revered music award ceremony for the independent music industry, the 9th annual Josie Music Awards (JMAs).

The JMAs are the largest independent music award show in the world, and they are privately owned by mother-daughter duo Josie Passantino-Boone and Tinamarie Passantino. The two started the awards show in 2015 after seeing a need for independent music artists, songwriters and business professionals to come together to celebrate their work and accomplishments.

Each year, the award show brings thousands of attendees to Music City. The all-genre music ceremony awarded a whopping 134 awards, celebrating all kinds of independent musicians.