VanMeter Inherits CRA Late Model Sportsman Win; Eaton Captures Vores Feature

19-Year-Old Billy Van Meter crossed the start/finish line second in the CRA Late Model Sportsman Anderson 75, but would end up with the victory after flagged winner, Jason Atkinson was disqualified in Post-Race Tech. This was the first win of the 2015 season for the Indianapolis, Indiana teenager.

Jeff Marcum led the first 56 laps and was chased by point leader and fast qualifier Greg VanAlst for 37 laps when the two made contact in turn two.

For most of that time Marcum was maintaining the preferred line with VanAlst attempting to get inside to take over the lead. On lap 57 VanAlst got into the back of Marcum’s car in the second corner, with Marcum spinning. Both cars went to the pit area and didn’t return for the restart. That gave the lead to Atkinson.

Following the Interstate Auto Auction restart, Atkinson was able to maintain a comfortable lead over Billy VanMeter with Matthew Parsons and Jack Dossey III waging a spirited battle for the third spot. Parsons hugged the white line and Dossey was unable to make the pass on the outside.

The fourth and final caution flag waved on lap 73 when JP Crabtree spun on the back straight resulting in a green-white-checker finish. Dossey used a bump and run on Parsons coming off the final corner to claim the third spot with Tony Brutti coming home in fifth.

Portage driver Dan Irvine made his first visits to Anderson Speedway memorable in Vores Compact Touring Series action.

Irvin set a new track record during qualifications on Sunday and then took the lead from Gary Eaton Jr. on lap 15 with an outside move entering turn three.

But on a lap 21 restart Irvine selected the outside line and made contact with the turn two wall and dropped back through the field.

That returned the lead to Eaton who was able to hold off Don Rutener for his first feature win of the year.

Ron Masters came home in third followed by Brian Slavey and Chris Jennings.

Irvine finished second on Saturday during the Applebee’s sponsored weekend and captured the Vores Compact Touring Series North/South Challenge.