Penalties Enforced for October 14 Event

(Anderson, IN,)  October 18, 2017… As a result of actions on the track on Saturday, October 14, 2017, Anderson Speedway management has taken the following actions against certain owners and drivers: Driver, Jeffrey Swinford has been disqualified from the event and has received a life time suspension from attending or competing in any future event promoted by Action Entertainment, Inc. or Anderson Speedway.

Car Owner of Jeffrey Swinford’s car, Mike Swinford, has been disqualified from the event, fined all purse monies for the race and all point fund monies for the 2017 season. Mike Swinford has been placed on an indefinite suspension and will not be permitted to attend or participate in any future event promoted by Action Entertainment, Inc. or Anderson Speedway.

Car Owner and driver, Shawn Cullen, has been disqualified from the event and suspended from participation for a minimum of two future events for leaving his race car on the track surface.

These penalties are in adherence with the Track Rules as published by Action Entertainment, Inc., specifically the following sections:

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12. Technical officials have the right to inspect and approve cars for compliance with technical specifications, track rules and safety equipment requirements. Violation of the rules outlined in this rulebook and/or unsportsmanlike conduct may result in the disqualification of the car, driver and owner and a suspension for a minimum of two weeks of applicable point’s events, a fine and/or the loss of all accumulated points and purse money for that night. In addition, fighting and/or use of a race vehicle as a weapon will result in an automatic fine, point sanctions and possible suspension. Subsequent infraction by the same individuals or team will result in substantially greater penalties which may include suspension for the balance of the racing season or permanently, loss of all accumulated points, point fund monies and purse monies for the year.  All fines must be paid before the penalized party may compete.

13. Suspensions may include the car, car #, driver, owner or crew members associated with the party who engages in conduct, actions and behavior which is deemed to be detrimental, harmful, damaging or threatening to other participants, drivers, car owners, crew members, officials or spectators. An individual or entire crew may be suspended with the decision of management being final. All car owners are responsible for their driver, crewmembers and guests, and may face suspension of their entire team based on the actions of one crewmember.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated at Anderson Speedway!

It is clear to Anderson Speedway that the act on the race track by Jeffrey Swinford was an intentional act with the intent of doing bodily harm and severe equipment damage to the car of Shawn Cullen. In the process he not only severely jeopardized the safety of Mr. Cullen, but also that of track officials and potentially, fans.

Anderson Speedway places its highest priority on the safety of its competitors, officials and fans and this act was in blatant disregard to this principle. We are eternally grateful that no one was injured as a result of this incident.