Marcum and Osborn Claim Championships

Jeff Marcum capped off a championship season with a victory in the final McGunegill Engine Performance Late Model feature.

Marcum took the lead with five laps remaining before an excellent crowd for the Tom Wood Stock Car Festival presented by Best Way Disposal at Anderson Speedway

Avon driver Scott Tomasik in a rare appearance at Anderson set a new track record during qualifying and led the first 35 laps before spinning in turn two the result of an engine problem.

That gave Marcum the lead with five laps remaining allowing the Morristown driver to win for the fifth time in 2016. He was followed by Wes Russell Jr. and Danny Trent.

John Robbins finished out the Thunder Roadster season with a string of four consecutive feature wins, but it was not enough to keep Dave Osborn from winning the track championship.

Robbins set fast time and put a punctuation mark on the season by leading all 30 laps of the feature with no other driver able to maintain the pace.

His run to the checkers was interrupted with four laps remaining when Jim Albers spun on the front straight.

That gave Osborn one final chance to take the point but Robbins was able to keep the lead
entering turn one and pulled away for his sixth win of the year.

Osborn finished second followed by Mike Meyer.

Austin Tunny’s misfortune proved fortunate for another family member in Outlaw Figure 8 racing,

Austin Tunny took the point from early leader RJ Norton Jr. on lap 15 with an inside pass coming off the second corner.  From there Tunny pulled away to a comfortable lead while the battle was for second place between Norton, Ben Tunny, fast qualifier Cory Harmon and Eddie VanMeter.

The end result of the contest changed on lap 43 when Austin Tunney skidded to a stop off the Figure-8 course, the victim of a transmission failure.


Now battling for the lead Tunny passed Norton Jr. on lap 44 with an inside move entering the first corner.


Tunny was followed to the checkers by Norton Jr., VanMeter, Harmon and Mike Hadley.

Andrew Teepe ran in the tire tracks of Josh Sage for 24 laps before making the pass for the lead for his first Street Stock victory at Anderson.


With four laps remaining Sage slipped in turn two which allowed Teepe to make the pass to the inside.


Sage, AJ Ridner, Danny Adams and Jordon Hahn rounded out the top five.


Jeremy Threet passed Jerry Swinford with nine laps remaining with an inside pass coming off the fourth corner.


Swinford took the lead at the start pulling away to a comfortable lead with Threet moving into the second spot after 18 laps. He closed on every lap before making the pass for the win.


Ryan Miller beat his brother, Zach, to record his first Legends Division race at the Anderson track.


Zach Miller came in with a four race winning streak and came up just inches short of a fifth win when he bobbled coming off the fourth corner on the final lap.


Mark Mason won the Vores Pro Compact Touring Series event taking the lead on the 11th circuit from Chris Jennings.


Mason had to survive three restarts in the final five laps to claim the win he was followed by Adam Lee and Jennings.


Curtis Chapman won for the fifth time in 2016 in Hart’s Auto Figure-8 action leading the entire distance with Shawn Cullen and Josh Tharp rounding out the top three.