Dane Records Fifth Front Wheel Drive Oval Win

By Ken de la Bastide

Jerry Dane took advantage of the inversion to start on the outside of the front row and then held off two other drivers to record his fifth feature win of the year.

Dane opened a comfortable lead over the field until Dylan Hoppes and Marshall Clark both passed Austin McKinney with an inside move exiting the fourth corner.

Hoppes and Clark closed to the rear bumper of Dane with five laps remaining. But instead of attacking Dane for the lead the two drivers staged a spirited battle for the second spot.

By fighting each other for the runner-up spot, Hoppes and Clark allowed Dane to win by almost a second. Hoppes came home in second followed by Clark, Billy Hooten and McKinney.

Clark scored his third heat win of the year in the fast heat with Hoppes finishing second followed by Hooten, Dane and Jared Keller.

Dane and Keller swapped the fourth position twice in the 10-lap race.

McKinney got his first win of the year when Jesse Thomas was black-flagged for turning laps faster than his qualifying time.

Devon Lane finished second and Brian Hoppes recorded a third place finish.