Warner Continues Dominance

By Ken de la Bastide

Nick Warner continued his dominating season in the Front Wheel Drive Figure-8 Division winning for the eighth time in nine races.

For Warner last Saturday at Anderson Speedway marked his sixth pole position, fourth heat victory and eighth feature win. It also marked the fourth time that he swept the competition by setting fast time and then scoring heat and feature wins.

Warner took the lead from visiting Ohio driver Derick Bradshaw with an inside pass on the fourth lap going down the back straight. Bradshaw’s car slowed visibly after the pass and he went to the pit area.

From that point on Warner was never challenged for the victory, although he did have to take evasive action in the cross-over several times.

Although Kamden Creek and Randy Owen crossed the finish line in second and third, both drivers were disqualified for the trading of some paint.

That made Jeff Williams and Trevin Henson as podium finishers with Mike Alley and Brian McKinney rounding out the top five.

Warner won the first heat race when he passed Alley with an inside move on the front straight on the second lap.

Alley returning to competition for the first time in 2014, lost positions to Henson and Owen and had to settle for fourth with Creek coming home in fifth.

Bradshaw passed Brian McKinney entering turn four on the fourth circuit to record the victory in the second heat race.

Elliott McKinney passed Brian a lap later in turn four to finish second and third. Kyle Allman came home in fourth.