By David Sink

Three-time Little 500 champion Kody Swanson recently announced that he will compete in the 55th Annual Greg Hubler Automotive Redbud 400 presented by Mitch Smith Auto Service and Perfecto on Monday, July 12. It will be the first time Swanson has competed in a late model at Anderson Speedway. Swanson will drive the Team Platinum #26.

Swanson began competing regularly in late model competition this past February during the 55th annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing’ at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Beach, Florida. Swanson picked up a Pro Late Model victory and was crowned the Pro Late Model champion during the winter series. Swanson also picked up an ARCA/CRA Super Series victory at Salem Speedway on April 25.

If Swanson can find victory lane during the Greg Hubler Automotive Redbud 400, he would join Chet Fillip as the only men to have won the Little 500 and Redbud 400. Fillip won the Little 500 in 1999 and added a Redbud trophy three years later in 2002.

Bob Frey won the 1987 Little 500 and returned three months later to compete in the Redbud 400. It was a culture shock to Frey as things were vastly different than they were in the Little 500. Frey only lasted 32 laps and retired from the event with over heating issues. After the race he explained the main differences. “It was crowded with 33 sprint cars. But I was in a much larger vehicle with the late model this time and the maneuverability was less than that of a sprint car. The tightness of the track came into play a lot more”.

Swanson will face the same issues Frey did some 34 years ago. ”I’ve never run a late model at Anderson Speedway before” explained Swanson. “The only time I’ve even seen late models race at Anderson Speedway was at the Redbud in 2019. There are some similarities to the Little 500. The way the race is run. But the format is different, and the pit stops are a little bit different than what we do at the Little 500. The nice thing is the longer late model races encourage people to take care of their equipment to be around at the end.”

“That’s something I’ve wondered about (size of a late model). How much narrower is it going to feel, especially on the straightaways, knowing there is less room for the car you’re driving. Hopefully, we can navigate our way through traffic, keep our nose clean, and have a good run”.

Swanson is aware of Fillip’s feat and would like nothing more than to join him in the history books. But he knows he will have his work cut out for him. “I don’t know what to expect performance and results wise, but I gotta believe going in we have a chance to win. Team Platinum works hard to go to the races”.

“It would be really neat to get a Redbud win. If you could win a crown jewel type late model event it would really be neat and show people you can adapt to different types of cars” concluded Swanson.

Fans wishing to save $5 and purchase their tickets now for the Redbud 400 on Monday, July 12, can do so by calling the speedway office at 765-642-0206.

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