Statement Regarding National Crown Post Race Tech

This past Saturday Night an issue was discovered by Anderson Speedway technical inspector Bill Noel during post race inspection of the National Crown. It was determined that the winning car was utilizing a roller cam which is specifically disallowed in the Official 2015 Anderson Speedway rule book. After extensive investigation and exhaustive deliberation, it has been determined that the part added a clear performance advantage over the other entrants, thus resulting in the decision to disqualify the car from the event.

President of the Speedway, Rick Dawson, had the following comment regarding the incident “It is truly extremely difficult to make a decision such as this. I followed protocol by not making a snap decision after the race and not making the results official until today, to afford me the opportunity to give the situation every possible consideration. I discussed this with my staff involved, car owners involved and other people in the industry and all agreed with this decision. I want to note here, Ronnie Rose is a great driver and a National Crown champion from 2004. He is one of those versatile drivers who will be a contender to win no matter what car he is driving and this in no way should be considered a blemish on his record. I also appreciate the professionalism and respect that his car owner, Rodney Milliner, showed me as I agonized through this process even though this decision was surely frustrating to everyone involved.”

The official 2015 National Crown results are posted on the Anderson Speedway website