Randy Hoppes Wins Ebay Motors Triathlon

ANDERSON – In the Hart’s Auto Ford Division, veteran racer Randy Hoppes used his experience to claim the inaugural Triathlon crown.

Hoppes of Markleville, Indiana driver finished 2nd in the oval, 7th in the reverse oval and 4th in the figure 8.

The eBay Motors Triathlon saw 21 drivers compete in three difference races Saturday at Anderson Speedway with point accumulating toward an overall champion.

McKinney took the lead in the Figure-8 race on lap five from Dakota Brough.

Brough had taken the lead from Matt Benzenbower on the second circuit when the leader drifted high in turn one.

Brough ran in the second spot until he spun on lap 11, an incident that didn’t cause the yellow flag to wave.

Elliott was then chased by Kentucky drivers John Lister and Kyle LaFever when the caution flag waved on lap 25 for a car stopped in the crossover.

McKinney was able to hold off Lister on the restart and went on to win by .9-seconds with Lafever rounding out the top three.

Floyd Knob’s driver Jamie Harbin took the lead from Austin McIntyre on lap eight of the first oval feature. The driver on the move was Randy Hoppes who passed two cars on lap 11 to move into the third spot and then claimed the second spot on lap 23.

The race was red flagged twice.

Lister elected to take the outside line on the restart which allowed Brough to take the lead from Lister on lap 15.

Brough was able to pull away for the victory with Lister and LaFever rounding out the top three.

Strough, Indiana driver Tony Stewart captured the Thunder Car feature taking the lead from Ricky Craig on the tenth circuit following a caution period.

That caution was caused when front runners A.J. Stewart and Randy Owen tangled on the front straight while batting for the lead.

Craig finished second followed by Brad Blue.

It was Tony Stewart’s first career win at Anderson Speedway.

Noblesville driver Aaron Brown Jr. also scored his first win at Anderson in the Marcum’s Welding Front Wheel Drive feature.

Brown inherited the lead when Chuck Cook slowed unexpectedly with a mechanical problem with two laps remaining.

Devin Glessner finished second with Craig coming home third and Cook fading to a fourth place showing.