Gossar Earns First NASH FM ThunderCar Victory

Misfortune for Tom Gossar allowed his son Trent to record his first feature win in the NASH-FM Thunder Car division at Anderson Speedway.

Brian Lewis took the early lead in the feature chased by Trent Gossar, Tom Gossar, Robbie Wyman and Curtis Chapman.

With the lead pack running in a tight formation, Wyman tapped the back of Trent Gossar sending him spinning in turn four. That sent both drivers to the back of the field.

On the restart Lewis faded as Tom Gossar, Chapman, Trent Gossar and Wyman all used the high line going down the back straight. Lewis got loose exiting the second corner and was forced to slow to regain control of his car.

For the next 17 laps the four pacesetters bumped and banged driving through the corners with Chapman looking to the outside several times to get around Tom Gossar, who had been slowing.

Things changed rapidly on lap 22 when Tom Gossar lost a left rear tire causing him to spin with Chapman and Wyman getting a piece of the action.

That put Trent Gossar on the point followed by Lewis, Burton, Austin Russell, Chapman and Wyman.

Russell brought out the final caution flag on lap 24 when he spun in turn two.

Gossar was able to hold off Lewis on the final restart. Before the circuit would end Chapman and Wyman slipped inside of Lewis entering turn threeand the race to the checkers was underway.

Gossar beat Chapman to the finish line by two-tens of a second with Wyman another half-second back. Lewis and Burton rounded out the top five.

“The last restart put me on the inside,” Trent Gossar said in the Tim Thompson Nationwide Insurance winner’s circle. “I was worried about getting spun out, but everyone raced me clean.”

Wyman stopped on the front straight and shook hands with Gossar patching up any hard feelings from the lap four incident.

Chapman won the fast heat for the Thunder Cars taking the lead on lap seven when he inherited the lead when Tom Gosssar and Wyman made contactwhile battling for the lead.

Chapman was followed by Trent Gossar, Wyman and Tom Gossar.

Burton recorded the win in the second heat climbing from the fourth position after one lap to take the point in lap six when early leader Jeff Marcum pulled into the infield.

Burton was followed to the checkers by Lewis, Jimmy Hawkins, Russell and Austin Hawkins.