Allison Returns to Ford Pro Form

For the sixth time in seven races Anderson’s Noah Allison captured the Vintage Wrench Ford Pro Division race. Jared Keller broke Allison’s string of fast times at sixth and the two fastest qualifiers started in the fourth row of the feature. Rickie Tharp II. took the point at the start chased by Josh Tharp and Allen Wagner. Allison took the lead from Josh Tharp on lap nine with Alex Bube running third with Jordan West running fourth. Josh Tharp passed family member Rickie for the second spot on lap 12 with an inside pass coming off the second corner. Keller passed Bube to move into the fourth spot on lap 15 and two circuits later West and Keller passed Rickie Tharp with Keller moving into the third spot two lap later. Allison went on to win by 7-seconds over Josh Tharp with Keller, West and Bube rounding out the top five.